Monday, January 25, 2010

My (yes my) wedding!

Well...I was able to get away during my slow season and GET MARRIED. Yes that's right I ran away with my fiance Dave and had a destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii on January 12, 2010! The photos that I have posted were taken by Dot Freeland on the day of the wedding (not me of course!) Now that being a bride is fresh in my mind, I will be sure to keep in mind a few things when doing other couples' weddings. I really did learn a bit being on the other side of the camera (like I was ready for her to be DONE so we could go eat!!!) :) We had a wonderful time!!!


Michelle Duggan said...

Congratulations Kim!! Beautiful pics:)

Jenny said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Kim!!! You looked amazing, and what a gorgeous spot for a wedding! Best Wishes, Jenny & Shawn