Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Becca and Mike 8/15/09 Sebasco Harbor Resort!

Well...there I was at Sebasco Harbor Resort on my only day off of the wedding season taking photos of the DJ Dave Dionne working a wedding. The photos were to be for his destination wedding web-site! I noticed that the photographer shooting the wedding was obviously an amatuer and I politely asked if she would like my help (Sebasco lawn weddings are tricky becauase you are shooting into the sun). She was a very very kind person and was obviously just trying to help the bride and groom save a little money. She was extremely thankful for my help because she found the lighting very difficult (she only had a pop-up flash). I shot alongside her for the whole wedding (pro bono) Here is a little sneak preview of what I was able to shoot. I only brought one set of batteries that day, one memory card and only one lens (I usually have 5). But I was very happy to lend a hand that day and I will not take a cent for this wedding. It was my gift to a stranger.
NOTE: I strongly suggest using a professional photographer for your wedding! We usually don't appear out of nowhere to save the day!

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Carol Savage Photography said...

Kim, Great advice! Great photo's.. The couple is very fortunate!