Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kristen and Greg's Wedding - June 16th!

WOW...can you say fun??!!!...and gorgeous! When Kristen contacted me in 2006, I immediately could picture her wedding. I had a vision...but it was better than I expected. The weather was perfect, the black and white Old Port shots worked beautifully and the party was FUN FUN FUN at the Black Tie Cafe! At one point, the photographers turned into photographers/go-go dancers! (probably not a pretty sight!) Kristen, Greg and their friends and family were so amazing...so calm....so nice and VERY photogenic!!

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I Do Click Wedding Photography said...

Kristen looks stunning and I love all the pink details. You did such a nice job and the shots of them in the Old Port are so fun! I am so glad I recommended you to them!