Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Post Below

The reason I have all of those painted face photos up on the post below this one is I used this blog to link photos for a photo search. There is a People Magazine search (through WPJA) for unusual weddings. I thought that wedding might qualify (the kids were absolutely adorable and the wedding was beatiful) but the way those kids were so professionally made up (like the musical Cats) made me want to submit it. Wish me luck! I hope everyone out there is doing well. I'm pretty much ready for Spring! Tommorrow I'm headed to my daughter's middle school to shoot head shots for her drama club. They are putting on Alladin. The performances will be at the end of April. All are welcome!! I will post a few shots when I get them up. Other than that, I'm gearing up for my busy wedding season which starts in May. Right now, though, I'm in my slippers!

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